Best Y&R Lines Monday 7/23/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 7/23/12


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Adam: Look what Daddy brought home.

Chelsea: (Laughs)

Adam: I got us breakfast before we head to the airport-- coffee and doughnuts, but not just any old doughnuts. This is Edna's bakery, okay? Best doughnuts... (Smacks lips) this side of the Mississippi. (Inhales deeply) Heaven in a box.

Chelsea: (Laughs)

Adam: Man, my trips to town when I was a kid were not complete without stops at this place.

Chelsea: You are so insanely cute right now. (Giggles) I had no idea you loved doughnuts so much.

Adam: Uh, Edna's doughnuts.

Chelsea: Oh.

Adam: Pay attention, woman.

Chelsea: Ah. That's "Mrs. Woman" to you, Mister.

Adam: Yeah, I know. I remember

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Here.

Chelsea: Uh-oh. Let me see.

Adam: Take a bite.

Chelsea: Okay.

Adam: It's got a little glaze on it. (Smacks lips)

Chelsea: Mmm.

Adam: Is that not the best thing you've ever eaten, ever?

Chelsea: Oh, my God. Nothing has ever been so perfect. You want some?

Adam: Let me kiss some off.

Chelsea: (Laughing)

Adam: Just get a little sugar, Sugar.

Adam: You know, I love this. It feels so different.

Chelsea: What?

Adam: You, me... this. All the little things that nobody ever sees of Adam. I'm embracing my inner hick.

Chelsea: (Laughs)

Adam: And you're not just embracing me. You actually think it's cool.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. How convenient.

Adam: You know, um, women looked down on me for being from the farm out in the boonies, especially in school. Harvard and hogs didn't mix. You know, you had Skye, who seemed to love power and money a little more tan she id me, and then there's, uh, Sharon, and that didn't, uh... well, that didn't work out for all sorts of reasons. But then there's you, and you seem to just want me to be who I am.

Chelsea: Your upbringing sounds like a fantasy compared to mine. Being able to experience this, this little part of yours, through your eyes, it feels... magical to me.

Adam: Come here.

Chelsea: (Chuckles) Mm. (Gasping) Oh, my God!

Adam: What, what, what, what?

Chelsea: I think I saw a mouse.

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