Best Y&R Lines Friday 7/13/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 7/13/12


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Jack: So... big plans for the rest of the day?

Nikki: Oh, well, not quite as big as conquering those parallel bars. I'm just going for a ride at the ranch.

Jack: Okay, we can't both be in wheelchairs at this wedding, so, uh, do me a favor-- don't let "lurch" spook your horse this time.

Nikki: (Laughs) I will keep a note of that.

Nikki: What, are you afraid I'm gonna change my mind, or worse, you're gonna change your mind? Do you have something to tell me, young man?

Jack: Ohh, no, you found me out. I got cold feet.

Nikki: Ohh.

Jack: Well, numb feet, but I'm working on that.

Adam: So you heard that Chelsea said yes. But we were talking about business, not my engagement.

Victor: Son, you're aligning yourself with a con and a grifter.

Adam: She has a past, Dad, as do most of us. To be honest with you, her extracurricular activities pale in comparison to mine, so if you want to get all righteous, you want to come at somebody, bring it on. Bring it to me, okay? I can take it, but you leave Chelsea alone.

Victor: Wake up, son. She doesn't need you to protect her. She'll cut off your hand to take your watch. She got pregnant to turn a profit.

Adam: You hired her to break Billy and Victoria up, so don't go all sore loser because it didn't work out.

Victor: You inflict that slut on our family, and I will do everything in my power to stop you.

Adam: So we're family again. That's progress.

Victor: What happened to your path to redemption?

Adam: Still on it, dad. Just picked up a fellow passenger along the way.

Victor: Son, if I were you, I wouldn't leave this blank check around her.

Adam: You leave Chelsea alone, dad. You don't want me to revert to type and go all Satan's understudy. You go after Chelsea, it's not gonna be pretty, I can promise you that.

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