Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 7/11/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 7/11/12


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Billy: You know what? I thought Delia was gonna be like, "Daddy who?" Because I've been gone so long.

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Thanks.

Victoria: And after she sprinted to you and leapt into your arms?

Billy: Yeah, it was all good. My homecoming with her, my bed-warming with you..

Chloe: Are you serious?

Billy: Whoa. I kind of think she is.

Victoria: How can you even ask Chloe to give carmine a break after what he put her through?

Abby: He wasn't trying to hurt Chloe.

Victoria: Oh, okay. Well, then I guess he probably shouldn't have shoved her into his trunk.

Abby: He was trying to scare her a little bit, okay? That's all.

Victoria: That's all... (Laughs) That's all.

Abby: No, it was a bad prank gone horribly wrong, okay? And I-I agree, he should be punished. He should, but--but jail? Jail would be way overkill, okay? He's a good guy.

Billy: Yeah, just with malicious thug tendencies...

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: That's all.

Abby: (Stammering) That doesn't help, okay? Chloe, if you would just talk to carmine and get to know him a little bit, you would see he's-- he's a sweetheart, okay? And he would do anything to make this up to you, and s--and so will I.

Chloe exchange for what, me going to Michael and telling him that I wont testify against carmine?

Abby: (Stammering) that would be fantastic.

Chloe: Are you certifiably insane? You expect me to actually back off of the guy who tried to kidnap me?!

Victoria: She does have a point. (Chuckles)

Billy: She has several, actually.

Abby: I am telling you, I spent several days alone with this guy. He is like-- he's like a harmless little puppy dog.

Chloe: Except he threatened to take me away from my daughter and my husband. No, that's not harmless at all.

Abby: If you could just--

Chloe: Forget it, Abby. You can go back to your boyfriend and tell him he's not gonna get a damn bit of help from me

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