Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 7/4/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 7/4/12


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Carmine: Cracks me up how stoked you get.

Abby: Well, fame is good.

Carmine: And you're crazy.

Abby: (Gasps) crazy like a majorly trending fox. I'm sorry, when we first met, you and your friends knew exactly who I was.

Carmine: That's because guys don't forget naked girls.

Abby: Mm, till the next one comes along. To stay current, you need good publicity, which does not happen by accident.

Victoria: What's your angle?

Adam: Another option could have been congratulations, but we'll try that another time. Let's have a drink.

Victoria: You know, you've both targeted my family and me, so why wouldn't I be suspicious here?

Adam: Because there's no agenda attached to our engagement, Victoria.

Victoria: Well, if you think this changes things as far as Johnny is concerned, then--

Chelsea: I have told you and Billy over and over again, I will not go back on my word.

Victoria: You're getting married now. Are you planning on living here?

Chelsea: Uh, I have given up all of my parental rights, Victoria. Why is that not enough for you? We are getting married, so just get used to it.

Victoria: You know what? If you think that becoming Mrs. Adam Newman is gonna give you more power or respectability, I mean, you're completely deluding yourself. The only thing that it proves is that you couldn't do any better.

Adam: All right, you know what? That's enough. That's enough.

Victoria: It's sad that the guy that nobody wants is the only one that wants you.

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