Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 7/3/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 7/3/12


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Eden: Hey. You look tired, but free.

Daniel: Oh, thank you. What were you thinking, going to Ricky's room?

Eden: Well, Michael wanted you for questioning about Daisy, and I knew you weren't responsible for her disappearance, and I thought that Ricky was, so...

Daniel: So... yeah. Yeah, I got questioned. I got arrested, but... guess they decided they didn't have enough evidence to charge me with, so... maybe you jumped the gun there a little, on the whole "I'll go visit the guy who makes my skin crawl."

Eden: I saw him... on the ground. Ricky. I saw him.

Daniel: I'm sorry, baby.

Nina: You know why I adore you? It's not just because you're quiet when I need you to be quiet, or you make me laugh when I need the laugh. It's because there are so few truly, truly honorable men in the world, and you're not just one of them. You're one of the truest. You are the truest. You're true and good and right, Paul.

Paul: I had a gun...

Nina: (Sighs)

Paul: And I pointed it at him.

Nina: I know, but you're a good man. You know it.

Paul: Nina--

Nina: No matter what. In your heart and your soul, you know you're a good man.

Paul: Please stop it. Stop it. Stop it. (Voice breaks) I killed my son! I killed my own son! There's no excuse for that.

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