Best Y&R Lines Friday 6/29/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 6/29/12


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Abby: Did you get everything on the list?

Carmine: Almost. I got everything except that, uh, face cream you wanted. That stuff costs as much as a, uh, car payment.

Abby: Well, just tell me that you got me some normal clothes. I'm starting to feel like miss havisham in this dress.

Carmine: Miss who?

Abby: Just give--gimme.

Carmine: (Sighs)

Abby: Bib overalls? (Scoffs)

Carmine: But they were on sale.

Abby: What--there-- there was nothing else in the entire store you could have bought with the money you had? What, you have to make me look like a-a...

Carmine: You are a dance caller? (Chuckles)

Abby: You did this on purpose.

Carmine: Well, that's for jumping in my trunk and letting me drive off with you. You see, now I'm a wanted man, and you're worried about the overalls, when the next 30 years, I could be spending wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Abby: You don't have a public image to maintain the way I do. Uh, these?! These? These could be a career breaker, and it'll all be your fault. (Scoffs)

Carmine: Oh, I'm so sorry, princess. Excuse me, but I had to cash out everything had before I left Genoa city-- that means the gas, this stupid room, the--all this. And--and we still need money to eat. It's not like I can whip out a credit card. The cops would be all over that.

Abby: Hillbilly chic-- who knows? Maybe I'll start a trend.

Carmine: (Scoffs) Yeah. A lot of good it id me. I, uh... I went on the internet when you were in the shower. Some European reporter asked Angelina what she thought about what I did. Angie's response was, "Carmine who?" "Who?" Like we never, ever even existed together. (Sighs) Maybe that's why it was so easy for Kevin to hook her up, you know? Yeah, she never wanted to be with me in the first place.

Abby: Wow. I'm really sorry.

Carmine: Yeah, whatever. It's fine.

Abby: Well, no, not "whatever." You cared about her, and it hurts.

Carmine: No, what hurts is I've been such an idiot.

Abby: (Scoffs) Um, hello? Aren't we all when it comes to this kind of stuff? Like, your heart wants what it wants, even if it doesn't make sense. So your heart wanted Angelina, and her heart wanted Kevin.

Carmine: Yeah, and Kevin wanted Chloe. Yeah, I get it. Thank you. But a little too late for your fund-raiser.

Abby: You know that old saying, "What goes around comes around?" I mean, the way I see it, Kevin did to the "Singing Snooki" what she did to you.

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