Best Y&R Lines Thursday 6/14/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 6/14/12


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Ashley: If your real interest was in protecting Jabot, then this ridiculous idea of keeping the two companies separate never would have occurred to you, Jack. Your only interest is in yourself, and I can't tell you how sick to death I am of men. The only thing they think about is what they want.

Jack: Do not project your anger at Tucker on me.

Ashley: This isn't about Tucker, Jack, or anybody else. It's about how selfish

you're being. Our father's legacy doesn't mean nearly as much to you as you having power.

Jack: That is not fair, and you know it.

Ashley: That's fair. You're so thrilled to have this prize that everybody fought over. Beauty of Nature belonged to Victor. Don't you dare try to tell me that wasn't the sweetest part of this deal. This whole thing-- it's about payback-- Genevieve, Victor. You know what really makes me mad? You used my daughter to make it happen.

Jack: You honestly think this is only about payback?

Ashley: I think a big part of it is, yeah. I also think that you're trying to compensate for being in that chair, jack. You want to prove that you can take on the world and win. Well, congratulations. You did it. It doesn't mean that every notion that pops into your brain is golden, because this idea of keeping Jabot and Beauty of Nature separate is probably the stupidest idea you've had in years.

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