Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 5/30/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 5/30/12


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Jack: We do, indeed, and combined, they're amazing. I cannot wait to make this official. Thank you again for saying yes, and I know I can't go around bragging about it yet.

Nikki: Mm, no. Uh, there is one person, however, you don't need to worry about telling-- Victor.

Jack: You already told him?

Nikki: He overheard us at physical therapy. I hadn't officially accepted yet, but he misunderstood.

Jack: And you decided not to straighten him out?

Nikki: Well, by the time I realized what he thought, it was true, so here we are. The last person who needs to know knows, so it's not gonna be a secret for much longer.

Jack: Poor victor. He probably doesn't know what to do first-- gnash his teeth that he doesn't have you to take for granted, or jump for joy because he can announce the news to Kyle.

Eden: So you have your own sink, and hence, your own space for your male beauty sundries.

Noah: Yeah, I don't have any male beauty sundries, but I have a duffel bag over at my buddy's house I could grab.

Eden: You, uh, you really didn't want to move in here, huh?

Noah: Oh, you think this is a good idea?

Eden: Well, you saw the bad idea in the hallway, so yeah, this works for me.

Noah: Well, Ricky knows I'm here now, and since I'm big and imposing... (Chuckles) I'm sure he'll back off.

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