Best Y&R Lines Friday 5/18/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 5/18/12


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Adam: (Sighs) what brings you to the neighborhood?

Sharon: Um, there's, um, an applicant in from Sweden for a position at Newman Enterprises, for Newman Cosmetics.

Adam: Oh, okay. Just dropping off samples or paperwork or something?

Sharon: Adam, last time we saw each other, I was with victor, and now you're living with Chelsea?

Adam: You think there's a connection, Victor being your quid and Chelsea being my pro quo? (Exhales slowly) Sharon, um, if you're concerned about me, don't be. I-I'm not your concern. O-officially, we're in the ex phase and soon to be ancient history, and if you think there's-- if you think there's anything left between us, you're wrong.

Adam: What, you being here? Yeah, the novelty wore off around minute two.

Chelsea: No, I mean living in a hotel suite. Not a home, an apartment, the back room of a stinky, smelly bar-- oh, wait, no, that was me. Ugh, tell me again why I told Billy and Victoria to stop paying my bills! (Exhales deeply)

Adam: Well, because Chelsea is a little birdie who's flown the nest, and because you're such a delicate, frail little bird, I will be on the couch.

Chelsea: (Scoffs) Please. You were just afraid that I would arm-wrestle you for the bed and I would win.

Adam: Thank you for protecting my dignity, seriously.

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