Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/17/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/17/12


Provided By Eva

Abby: You better not be rushing off to throw yourself at Kyle again.

Eden: I don't need to throw myself at guys. They're automatically attracted to me.

Abby: (Laughs) Um, deluded much?

Eden: Right, you probably don't understand the whole "being lusted after" thing.

Abby: Oh, p-lease.

Eden: Then why haven't you been with a guy, any guy, since I came back to town?

Abby: That's by choice. I'm picky.

Eden: Uh-huh. If a girl is known for running around town naked and still can't get a guy... (Inhales sharply) Yikes.

Abby: I have very discriminating taste!

Jack: (Exhales slowly) Hey, Sarge. I hope you don't mind. I got a jump on things. We gonna start with the weights?

Sarge: No, I'm going to, uh, move you on to something a little more challenging.

Jack: Oh, you found a new torture for me, did you?

Sarge: Yeah, well, from chair to cane takes some pain.

Jack: (Chuckles) how many times have you told me that?

Sarge: Once you start walking, you will never hear it again.

Jack: Okay, whatever you got, bring it on. Help me get in the chair, will you?

Sarge: How about getting your own butt in the chair? How about that for the next challenge?

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