Best Y&R Lines Monday 5/14/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 5/14/12


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Abby: (Stammering) (Scoffs) (Sighs) You know, I've heard...

Eden: Don’t.

Abby: Having sex burns calories, so this must be win-win for you. Kyle, Daniel... you're living with Ricky, so that’s... (Muttering) Gotta be 5 pounds right there.

Eden: You know, what's the matter, Abby? Are you jealous?

Abby: (Laughs) I am really rich, I'm beautiful, and I don't have to use sex as a weight-loss program, but you? I mean, you're just, I mean, you're you. Ashram-reject, stick-figured Eden, who got dumped by my very smart cousin and then became a sleazy bed-hopper.

Eden: Okay, you have no idea what happened between Noah and me.

Abby: I know you're here and Noah’s in New York. 1 plus 1 is not equaling 2.

Eden: Oh, you never were any good at complicated math.

Abby: I gave Kyle a heads-up about you. I just wish I could warn the gazillion guys you're gonna try to get in the sack. Oh, you know? Mm. Think I might make that my next crusade. P.S., remember, lay off the peanuts. Salt, water retention-- muffin top, so not in style.

Jack: I can tie-- I can tie my shoe.

Billy: Okay, fine, tie your shoe. You know, Sarge is gonna get you to move that toe again. I bet he will put you through a fresh hell to get you there, but, uh, it'll happen.

Jack: I have been fighting what every doctor, every therapist has been telling me all along. Maybe it's time to get real.

Billy: Jack Abbott the quitter-- never thought I'd see the day.

Jack: I am not quitting. I'm adjusting to the reality.

Billy: You call it what you want. It sucks. You suck.

Jack: Back off, Billy.

Billy: I'm gonna back off, like you backed off every time that I, uh, I got lazy or discouraged or tried to quit, because I can't remember one time that you ever stopped and backed off from me.

Jack: You needed your butt kicked at the time.

Billy: I did need my butt kicked, and now you need your butt kicked.

Jack: Not tonight, okay?

Billy: Yeah, tonight and tomorrow and the day after that, until you realize I'm not giving up on you until you can understand that just because some doctor doesn't believe that you understand your own body, you don't quit.

Jack: This is my problem, Billy, not yours.

Billy: Don't you tell me this is not my problem. You're my brother, Man, and I need you here. If it wasn't for you sticking your nose into my business, I'd be dead, drunk somewhere in a ditch. I wouldn't have my daughter in my life, I wouldn't have Vicki, so don't you tell me I'm not... (Sniffles) Don't you tell me you're not my business, because you are my business whether you like it or not, and I'm gonna kick your ass from here to the moon if that's what it takes for you to realize you're not gonna quit.

Jack: You finished?

Billy: Depends. You done feeling sorry for yourself?

Jack: My toe moved once. I'm gonna get it to move again... and we'll see who's gonna kick whose ass.

Billy: Fine. Good. I accept. I'm looking forward to it.

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