Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/10/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/10/12


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Eden: You're--you're gonna bring that bitch down? What does that mean?

Ricky: Nothing. I was just venting.

Eden: Well, it sounded serious to me.

Ricky: I have every right to be mad at Phyllis. She stole one of my bylines. Then she promised me a big and she fired me instead.

Eden: So now you're gonna get payback?

Ricky: Yeah, by-- by showcasing my talents at a different magazine and making her see what a fool she was for getting rid of me.

Eden: Yeah, right.

Ricky: Why, what'd you think I meant-- that I kill her in her sleep? (Laughs) Stop watching those cop shows, Eden.

Eden: Well, that kind of talk creeps me out.

Ricky: Relax, I was just joking.

Eden: Yeah? Well, here's the punch line-- move out of the apartment--tonight.

Michael: Yeah. I've had my doubts about Ricky's behavior. So has Paul. I was hoping they'd be proven unfounded, but apparently not.

Eden: I mean, at first, I thought-ht he was just upset about losing, but today, it was very obvious to me-- he is not right in the head.

Lauren: So what excuse did you give him for wanting him gone?

Eden: Um, I-I just made up a lie about a girlfriend needing a place to stay.

Michael: Did he agree?

Eden: Yeah, but... (Exhales sharply) He wasn't happy about it, since I gave him, like, zero notice.

Michael: All right, just listen to me. You do not go back to that apartment until I make sure he has moved out. You understand me?

Eden: Yeah. Thank you. (Sighs) What a day. From normal to wacko in, like, 60 seconds.

Michael: Yeah. Tell us about it.

Lauren: Yeah. Crazy's bustin' out all over the place.

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