Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/3/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/3/12


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Jack: Would we be violating the terms of our agreement if you just down for one minute?

Nikki: I don't think so. So... (Exhales slowly) Have you spoken to Kyle?

Jack: I left him a few messages, but, uh, haven't heard anything yet

Nikki: You do plan to see him?

Jack: Oh, believe me, I'd like to ram this chair through "The Mustache's" door and drag my son out of there.

Nikki: But you won't.

Jack: But I have to respect Kyle's decision and give him the space that he needs.

Nikki: Not an easy balance to strike.

Sarge: But you need to know that you are going to work until you are in intense pain.

Jack: (Laughs) Thank you. Thank you -- what is your real name?

Sarge: None of your business.

Jack: I'm putting my future in your hands. You can't give me that much?

Sarge: Augustus... (Sighs) after my father.

Jack: Well, that's a pretty distinguished handle.

Sarge: They called me "Augie" growing up. Do I look like an Augie to you?

Jack: Uh, no.

Sarge: "Sarge," okay?

Jack: I am just so happy to be working with you again, whatever your name is.

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