Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 5/1/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 5/1/12


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Nikki: Jack is at home, and I thought I would come down here and get a coffee-- you know, none of this really is very important.

Kyle: Oh, let me guess-- picking up something sweet for Dad, something to lift his spirits?

Nikki: Would that be wrong?

Kyle: Trust me, you don't want me to answer that.

Nikki: Actually, yes, I do.

Kyle: Just get in line, Nikki.

Nikki: Kyle, I really need--

Kyle: Save it for Dad. I'm not interested. And, hey, when you order your coffee, you better make it decaf. We all know how you get when you're wired.

Nikki: Kyle...

Kyle: Just can't stay away, huh? Is that, like, theme with you and my family?

Nikki: I want to apologize to you for your mother's death.

Kyle: (Scoffs)

Nikki: It was a horrible situation, and there's absolutely no way to make amends for it.

Kyle: Great, something we can agree on.

Nikki: I am sorry, deeply and truly sorry.

Kyle: Okay, so you kill my mom, and then you apologized. As long as you take my advice on the decaf, we should be good.

Kevin: Mom--

Chloe: Do not hire him.

Jeff: That Goombah is one degree of separation away from Angelo.

Gloria: Now what makes you think he's part of that world?

Chloe: Guilt by association.

Jeff: (Scoffs)

Gloria: Angelo wasn't that bad.

Jeff: He framed me for stealing all your money, and then he shipped me off to an island to rot.

Gloria Oh, yeah, that.

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