Best Y&R Lines Monday 4/23/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 4/23/12


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Neil: Moses, my man, you want your bottle? You want your bottle, hmm?

Sofia: Mm, you better be careful. He's eyeing your scone.

Jack: So what happened? Did "Lurch" spook your horse?

Nikki: Oh, Victor was his sunny self. We had choice words. Then I fell off my horse all by myself.

Jack: And how did he react to that?

Nikki: Bandaged my ankle, had a driver take me home.

Michael: You can keep talking, you know. I owe you at least a half-hour after you listening to me go on yesterday.

Avery: Oh, no, I am done. Bad idea to dump too much on your friends, especially when you only have one.

Michael: (Chuckles) It's the curse of the workaholic. Who else you gonna meet except people you work with?

Avery: That doesn't apply to you. You have lots of friends-- nick, Phyllis-- and you don't judge.

Michael: I live in a 6-story glass house.

Avery: (Chuckles)

Michael: Judging is not my thing.

Avery: Phyllis is very lucky to have you.

Michael: Well... do not fret, little lady, because there is plenty of "Superfriend" Michael to go around. (Laughing)

Avery: Oh. (Laughs) Hey.

Michael: Listen to me. You take care of yourself.

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