Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 4/4/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 4/4/12


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Sofia: This is your best shot at beauty of nature, so let's do this.

Tucker: This is gonna be a lot more public and a lot uglier than that fake fight we had at Devon's studio.

Sofia: Oh, please. You're the one who's gonna need pads and a helmet.

Tucker: Oh, yeah?

Sofia: Yeah. I got a lot of stored-up ammo and attitude. You know, you're not the easiest guy to work with.

Tucker: Well, I guess you told me.

Sofia: I didn't, but I will.

Ashley: I know you want to walk-- now. I know you want to run the-- the biggest cosmetics empire in the world-- now. But, Jackie, come on. It's just not that easy.

Jack: No, there's nothing "easy" about this. Ash, I'm asking a surgeon to cut my body open and dig a bullet out of my spine! There'll be lots of blood and hopefully, lots of pain, 'cause if there's pain, it worked! So god willing, I will hurt like hell! No, there's nothing easy about this. Ash, I'm not some headstrong kid who doesn't know the odds. I know the odds all too well. But it's my decision, and I'm willing to take the gamble.

Ashley: (Voice cracking) Jackie, I hear you. (Sniffles) Do you hear me at all?

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