Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 3/27/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 3/27/12


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Daniel: Hey, Mrs. C., It's Daniel. Look, big news really, really fast, okay? Um, Kevin and Angelina's marriage was just annulled. He and Chloe are getting married, and you need to haul yourself, Esther, and Delia to Gloworm right now.

Kay: What? Uh, um, how did you-- uh, never mind, uh, um, uh, we're-- we are on our way. Don't--whatever you do, do not start without us.

Michael: Oh, yeah, Eden, look, you'll get the details when you get here. Just close the mouth and move the feet, all right? Okay.

Kay: Uh, a-are you saying-- now Daniel called you, too? I mean, Esther and little Delia will be here as soon as little Delia gets in full flower girl regalia.

Jill: (Chuckles) I've been here for all of the excitement. I rescued Jeffrey...

Kay: Uh-huh.

Jill: Who rescued Gloria from marrying the, uh, "Dogfather."

Kay: Gloria is not marrying Angelo?

Jill: Mm. Gloria is a bride, it's-- she's just Jeffrey's bride.

Kay: Oh, dear God. See, I thought Chloe was marrying Kevin.

Jill: Well, she is. It's a double wedding, okay? Here's my motto for the day-- don't ask questions. Just let the good times roll.

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