Best Y&R Lines Monday 3/26/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 3/26/12


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Kevin: I mean it, seriously. If she was able to move on that quickly, how much did she care in the first place? Maybe you did me a favor.

Angelina: (Sighs) You don't really think that?

Kevin: Forget it. Let's just go.

Angelina: Ugh, like that? (Chuckles) Daddy's not gonna like that, and neither do I.

Kevin: Well, you and Daddy are both gonna have to take what you can get, because I could wear a clown nose and a rainbow wig to this wedding. It wouldn't make it any more ridiculous than it already is.

Daniel: Sit down.

Kevin: What the hell is this?

Angelina: I lied, again. (Chuckles) Uh, Daddy didn't ask to see you.

Daniel: And I don't need to talk to you, but you two need to talk to each other.

Chloe: Actually, no, I am not going to be insulted anymore.

Kevin: You thought it would be helpful to rub my face in this?

Chloe: You can forget it.

Kevin: No way.

Angelina: Kevin never loved me. He doesn't even like me very much.

Daniel: Yeah, and Chloe was never into me. All we ever do is we talk about you.

Angelina: Same for him.

Chloe: That's funny, because all he ever does is say how much he loves you.

Angelina: He did that to protect you. He didn't want daddy blaming you for breaking up our "happy home," which it never was. Kevin hasn't been happy one minute since I tricked him into skipping your wedding. So do us all a favor-- kiss and make up already!

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Angelina: For the record, he never touched me, except when all he wanted was for you to see it.

Daniel: You know nothing happened between me and her, right? Never would have, man. Best friends. (Clears throat)

Angelina: All right, uh, talk amongst yourselves. (Clears throat)

Lauren: This does not say "Bride." No, it doesn't.

Gloria: Aah! I am not your typical bride. I have fun, I take risks, and I like to have a good time, and that is what this dress says!

Lauren: Oh--

Jill: (Normal voice) Yeah, that's what the bathroom wall says, too, but you don't wear it down the aisle.

Lauren: (Chuckles)

Gloria: If you two old fuddy-duddies will excuse me, I'm gonna go try on my dress.

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