Best Y&R Lines Friday 3/23/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 3/23/12


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Kay: Mm-hmm. Since the day that Kevin dumped Chloe at the altar and all through everything that came after that, I have held my tongue. But little Delia came home so excited because Kevin came to see her little ballet recital, and apparently, she, her mother, and Kevin had ice cream afterwards.

Michael: And you're upset because...

Kay: Is he not still married to that little... gum-snapping Angelina?

Michael: (Laughs) Katherine, I-I am afraid he is.

Tucker: Mm. Well... you got, uh, you got love, loss, heartache, regret. What do you say we go, uh, we go more country with it?

Devon: I was-- I was just thinking the exact same thing.

Tucker: Yeah?

Devon: I really was. Do you--what do you think about that? Would you mind?

Angelina: Sure! I love country music. (Laughs)

Devon: That's great. I'll, uh, I'll talk to the musicians, then. Um, I think all we have to do, we have to tweak the arrangement a little bit, but the, uh, the tempo of the song-- it should be fine as is.

Tucker: Yeah. Uh, what about instrumentation?

Devon: Uh, I... we can lay down some tracks of--of slide guitar, and maybe some cello might work.

Tucker: Well...

Devon: But, I mean, that's after the fact, right?

Tucker: You're reading my mind.

Devon: (Chuckles)

Angelina: Ever since I saw dolly Parton on TV-- you know, with the hair and the nails and the big... (Chuckles) You know?

Devon: (Chuckles)

Angelina: Well, I have dreamt of being onstage like her. Oh, she is so fabulous. (Laughs)

Tucker: Well, darlin', this song right here might get you there.

Devon: Just make sure you pour your heart out when you sing it.

Angelina: (Chuckles) Yeah. That won't be a problem.

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