Best Y&R Lines Thursday 3/22/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 3/22/12


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Kevin: You want to do this tonight?

Angelina: How long do you want to keep living like newlyweds?

Kevin: Uh, Angelina, telling your dad news he doesn't want to hear can be dangerous.

Angelina: Not for me.

Kevin: Yeah, but for my sake. What if you eased into the whole "we shouldn't be married" thing over a couple of weeks?

Angelina: With my pops, you gotta make like a bandage-- rip it off fast and get the screaming over with.

Kevin: After the screaming, is that when the leg-breakers show up?

Angelina: Don't you know I'll totally protect you?

Kevin: How?

Angelina: (Sighs) I'll--I'll tell Daddy that I'm an adult...

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Angelina: That I made a mistake...

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Angelina: And being married isn't working for me. It'll all be about what I want, not you.

Kevin: I should pack a bag in case I need to leave town quickly.

Angelina: Go, get out of here, do your thing tonight like you planned...

Kevin: Look, what if it doesn't... (sighs)

Angelina: And don't freak. Have fun, and I'll call you with the good news.

Kevin: You know you're really amazing? Thank you. Mwah!

Angelina: About time you realized how fab I am. (Giggles)

Kevin: Good luck.

Tucker: So, um, where's your sister?

Devon: My sister? Lily, she's, uh, she went for a coffee run.

Tucker: Oh. I was hoping she might, uh, be here to help us with, uh, sign language. Um, unless you're s-still okay with reading lips.

Devon: Yeah, as long as you're facing me, I can tell what you're saying... unless I can't.

Tucker: Then what?

Devon: Did you say "Then what?"

Tucker: Then what, yeah.

Devon: Then what? Then I'll ask. (Laughs)

Tucker: (Laughs) okay.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: You do that.

Angelina: Um, what's Tucker doing here?

Devon: Uh, Tucker-- I-I told you I'd find out a way to, uh, work on your next single, and he agreed to help me out while I'm waiting for my ears to heal.

Angelina: So that tear-your-heart-out melody came from his ears and your brain?

Tucker: His brain, his memory, his instincts.

Angelina: Like that classical guy, that classical guy, um, named after the dog.

Devon: Beethoven?

Tucker: (Laughs)

Angelina: (Laughs) Yeah. You're a genius, just like him.

Devon: You're calling me that?

Tucker: Okay. Here you go, Angelina. You're gonna love what Devon's written for you.

Devon: It's, uh, it's a ballad inspired by you and Kevin falling for each other.

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