Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 3/13/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 3/13/12


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Kay: (Sighs) oh, god. (Chuckles) Nikki, please. Please tell me the two of you are not having problems al-- (quietly) already.

Nikki: You think it's cold outside? That's nothing compared to how it feels at the ranch.

Victoria: Well, once again, my dad finds a way to hurt my mom. Well, I can only imagine what e said to her-- "it's only until Sharon gets back on her feet. It'll be good for faith."

Sharon: What victor and Nikki discussed is between them.

Victoria: Anything to cause trouble, right, Sharon?

Sharon: I needed a job, and Victor needed someone with experience. I used to be the beauty of nature spokesperson, remember? When your father used to own it?

Victoria: Right. Right. Well, I suppose if anyone is associated with the Newman name, it would be you. You've got it in triplicate.

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