Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 2/29/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 2/29/12


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Tucker: Well, I got a nice surprise for you, if you're up for it.

Harmony: Uh, will it be a crowd?

Tucker: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, most definitely.

Harmony: Yelling, screaming?

Tucker: Maybe even fainting.

Neil: Oh, wait a minute. I thought you said this was a good surprise.

Harmony: (Laughs)

Devon: What's going on?

Tucker: The Black Keys are playing later.

Harmony: Ohh!

Devon: The Black Keys.

Tucker: Yeah. Yeah.

Devon: The Black-- I would kill to see them play. You got tickets?

Tucker: Oh, yeah.

Devon: How'd you get tickets?

Tucker: Well, the band, uh, yeah, they gave me a box.

Harmony: Ohh. (Laughs)

Tucker: We can go to the show right after dinner.

Devon: (Laughs) Ohh. I'm all over that.

Harmony: Oh, Man, it's been crazy--been forever and a day since I've been to a concert, and, Man--and the Black Keys?!

Tucker: Yeah.

Harmony: Oh, come on, now.

Tucker: All right.

Devon: Wow.

Neil: Listen, am I-- am I supposed to know who-- who the Black Keys are?

Devon: You don't know the Black Keys?

Neil: No.

Harmony: Oh, Granddaddy Neil. Now I will explain all the new tunes that are goin' on now. This is called rock.

Devon: Yeah.

Harmony: (Laughs)

Neil: Okay.

Devon: Like, do you turn the radio on ever? You ever listen?

Neil: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Harmony: You--you ever heard of Stevie Wonder?

Neil: Right.

Harmony: Coldplay? Jay-z?

Neil: Yeah, listen--okay, get a little tambourine, like that?

Devon: Ain't no tambourine in T.

Neil: Yeah, no, it's okay. Make fun of me all you want.

Harmony: Well, you know, it's just so cute to do that to you.

Tucker: Did you hear what Neil said? He's gonna call his wife.

Harmony: Yeah, and?

Tucker: I know how you get when you're interested in someone, and it seems like you're acting that way with Neil. The problem is, the man is married, and his wife happens to be very, very close to me. So just a friendly warning-- don't go there

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