Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 2/28/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 2/28/12


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Victoria: Mm. Is there sugar in this?

Billy: Oh, sugar? You want sugar? You say you want some sugar? I'll give you some sugar.

Victoria: (Squeals) Oh, you are-- you are such a cornball.

Billy: (Chuckles) Oh, yeah, well, you're a sucker for my innate corniness.

Victoria: Yeah, I am. Maybe I'm just feeling a little warm and mom-ish this morning.

Billy: Oh, that makes sense. Once Chelsea signee papers, we officially got knocked up.

Victoria: Yes, we did. (Sighs) And obviously, it's a little complicated, but Chelsea seems to think that the baby's gonna be better off with us.

Billy: Yeah, maybe, although maybe with time to think about it last night, things might have changed.

Chelsea: Hey.

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Are you guys about ready?

Billy: Yeah. Nothing says "Good morning" like a trip to the O.B. That sounded really weird.

Chelsea: Yeah. (Laughs)

Billy: I'm sorry.


Billy: I mean, wow. Look at this--then, now. He has certainly grown.

Victoria: Yeah, he has, and, you know, this trip to the doctor was so completely different from last time. Last time, it was like, "Hey, hi, I can't have kids"... (Sighs) But this time, it was like, "Wow, this is our son."

Billy: You feel that?

Victoria: Don't you?

Billy: Well, after I sidestepped that serving of guilt about how he was conceived--hmm.

Victoria: That was just the moment when he was created. Raising him, I mean... (Clicks lips) Eh, that's gonna be forever.

Billy: After what happened with Lucy, not everybody would be willing to give this a chance.

Victoria: Well, no one's gonna take Lucy's place. This little guy-- he's--he's gonna be his own special person. And with his brother and his sister and his parents, he's always gonna feel loved and wanted.

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