Best Y&R Lines Monday 2/27/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 2/27/12


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Angelina: Then maybe I can help you with whatever it is you're trying to figure out.

Kevin: You're not gonna like it.

Angelina: Sometimes, we'll disagree. That's okay. (Chuckles)

Kevin: I'm working on a plan to get us out of the marriage.

Angelina: Oh.

Kevin: I told you you weren't gonna like it.

Angelina: I guess I thought we could keep up the charade for a while.

Kevin: I want more out of marriage. I want more for you, too.

Angelina: I think you're best.

Kevin: That's sweet, really... but Daisy's hearing today-- it just really got me thinking.

Angelina: About what?

Kevin: Um, about how... the last time my life got this out of control, it cost Jana her life, and I cannot let anything like that happen again. I want my life back, and I am not willing to let anyone get hurt this time.

Angelina: It really shook you up, thinking about all that stuff with your ex again.

Kevin: Especially considering that the person responsible for her death could be getting released from prison soon.

Kevin: I mean, if Daisy gets released from jail--

Angelina: Maybe she won't.

Kevin: Thanks.

Angelina: Even if she does, you did your part testifying against her. There was nothing else you could do.

Kevin: I should have done something a long time ago, before she hurt Jana and Lauren. That's when I should have stepped up.

Angelina: Nobody steps up more than you do. You married me to protect a whole lot of people.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, yeah, a real act of bravery, as opposed to, say, I don't know, standing up to your father.

Angelina: You are the bravest guy I know and if anybody says otherwise, I'll have 'em whacked.

Kevin: Please, please don't talk about whacking people.

Angelina: (Laughs) It's just an expression.

Kevin: Oh, yeah? Well, then tell that to Daddy.

Angelina: Okay, no whacking, cross my heart. I just want you to know you're really great.

Kevin: Yeah, you're okay, too. Come here.

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