Best Y&R Lines Monday 2/20/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 2/20/12


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Billy: Thank you, Paul. (Clears throat) I don't imagine you would tell me that you were working for victor unless you wanted something-- probably money. Money, right? That's what you're after? Money?

Anita: Victor doesn't think that you're good enough for his daughter, but I think you might be just perfect for mine.

Billy: Let me get this straight-- your endgame is for me and Chelsea to live happily ever after? (Laughs)

Anita: You're having a kid together. Would that be so terrible?

Billy: Oh, my. You need to put the cuckoo back in the clock. I've got a news flash for you-- that's never gonna happen. Whatever deal you made with victor, it's a bad deal.

Anita: I've got no loyalty to victor, and Chelsea does what her mama tells her to. With the right incentive, I think you'll find that Chelsea will make the decision that you and your wife are hoping she'll make.

Billy: How's this for incentive? By the time I get home, I want you out. Pack your stuff and leave.

Anita: If I go, Chelsea goes, too, and your son. You want to rethink your strategy?

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