Best Y&R Lines Thursday 2/16/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 2/16/12


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Adam: Oh, well, I-I, um, I-I can... um, I-I can fix that, I--

Sharon: Um, Adam...

Adam: No, look, I... (chuckles) that fuse box has been there since I was, like, 12 years old. I can fix the thing blindfolded-- which, as it turns out, comes in handy. (Scoffs)

Chelsea: I guess you could say I learned it from my mom.

Billy: I could believe that. (Laughs) that whole line about your dad being a missionary? Come on.

Chelsea: You figured that out, huh?

Billy: Well, I guess I'm just smarter than your average ma.

Chelsea: You know how parents can be. They just--they do crazy things to help their kids.

Billy: Yes, I do know all about that.

Chelsea: What about your mom? She seems very... (inhales sharply) protective.

Billy: If that's a euphemism for "I will scratch your eyes out if you mess with my children," then yes, but no, I wasn't thinking of her.

Chelsea: Oh?

Billy: No, I was more thinking about Victoria's old man... the great Victor Newman.

Adam: Faith misses her mommy, and I know you miss her, too.

Sharon: Well, nick said he'd bring her for a visit.

Adam: Yes, l don't want to miss any more time with her.

Sharon: You can't go through this alone.

Adam: You're not listening to me. There is no "through this," Sharon. I'm blind, and the specialists-- they think I'm going to stay blind. I have to take care of Faith. I'm just an adult who's been dealt a lousy hand, but Faith is just a little girl. She's sweet little girl that's...that's had far too much taken away from her with her mommy-- people have no right to take any more time away from her. Do you?

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