Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 2/15/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 2/15/12


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Gloria: And speaking of Kevin, have you had a chance to talk to him since he got home? I mean, really talk to him?

Michael: Oh, you mean as in, ask him why he left Chloe at the altar, only to marry Angelina? No, that's kind of hard when his darling bride is epoxied to his side 24/7.

Jeff: Psst, hey. Yeah, you. Does your mom like chocolate?

Michael: Did you forget how to peel the clearance price tag off of a gift when you lost your memory?

Jeff: (Sighs) yeah, well, a couple of bucks doesn't go far when you need essentials-- underwear, potted meat.

Michael: Okay, well, thanks for painting that picture. You know, I still gotta eat.

Jeff: Look, here's the thing-- I can't stop thinking about Gloria, so that's gotta count for something. I just gotta figure out a way to pry the goombah off her so I can make my case.

Michael: Well, on that charge... (Pats Jeff's shoulder) I wish you Godspeed.

Jeff: Gloria, Gloria. Here, for you.

Gloria: (Scoffs) nice. Do you have a reservation, Mr. Bardwell?

Jeff: (Sighs) look, it sucks that my brain is on the fritz right now and I don't actually remember you, but I like what I see, a lot. Do I wish I could have handed you the keys to a fancy car and a bunch of roses? Oh, you bet, but it's the thought, right?

Gloria: Right. Deep, meaningful thought.

Jeff: Here, happy Valentine's, "Honey Bunny." What?

Gloria: Honey bunny. Hmm. That was your pet name for me.

Jeff: Well, what do you know? (Chuckles) Looks like part of me just can't forget you.

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