Best Y&R Lines Friday 2/10/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 2/10/12


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Daniel: What kind of movie you in the mood for tonight?

Chloe: Mm... ones where aliens vaporize ex-fiancés named Kevin and jersey bimbos named Angelina.

Daniel: Hey, what did I say? No moping around about those two tonight, okay?  So what's it gonna be-- animated talking animals, indie drama?

Chloe: Um, neither. I want to see something that's gonna blow up. I want to blow up stuff, yeah.

Daniel: Okay, one mindless action flick coming up.

Adam: So you want to talk about patty, huh? The woman who, had I been successful and got the jump on her, I could still see and you could still walk.

Jack: At least you tried to stop her.

Adam: No good deed goes unpunished. But I imagine I'd have to get in line behind you to wring her neck.

Jack: Oh, believe me, I am furious, but not at patty. She's a victim, just like you and me.

Adam: Mm, yeah. Last I heard, she could still see and still walk.

Jack: Patty is still trapped inside her own mind, and believe me, that is a  very dark, disturbing world she has created.

Adam: You're not blaming yourself for her obsession, are you?

Jack: I blame victor. When he first brought patty to town, he started a chain  reaction that is still reverberating to this day. What happened to you, what  happened to me, is his fault.

Kevin: You have done some pretty sucktastic things since I've known you, Jeffrey, but taking my boat and leaving us on that island was by far the suckiest.

Jeff: I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Kevin: The fishing shack? Jar of pickles over your head? Mr. Squishy.

Jeff: Doc says I got nothing here, literally. I have total memory loss.

Kevin: (Scoffs) I am not buying that. Wait a minute. It sounds ridiculous, but it's actually kind of genius. You can't remember anything, so you can't tell  anything to my mom, and then Angelo can't break your kneecaps, or worse.

Jeff: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Has he hurt me before?

Kevin: Well, if you don't remember Angelo's beat-downs, maybe you do have amnesia.

Angelina: (Gasps) Get out of here! I have only seen that happen to people in  the movies. Ooh, did you try hitting your head a-- you know, with something to  make it come back?

Jack: You and I have managed to get along in the past. Writing Victor's diary  comes to mind. We had a few laughs on that one.

Adam: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I was laughing all the way to the state pen when you double-crossed me.

Jack: As I remember, you got victor to get you out.

Adam: What's your point?

Jack: You're a survivor, Adam. No matter how many times you get knocked down,  you always get up, and usually, you're stepping on the shoulders of the very  people who've wronged you.

Adam: Well, I imagine that you have left a few loafer prints on some Armani  suits over the years, too.

Jack: I have, indeed, and I will again, but there is one particular suit I want to get my footprints all over.

Adam: Well, let me know when you're ready to get started. I have a brand-new  pair of cleats I'd like to break in.

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