Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 2/7/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 2/7/12


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Nick: Are there any politicians left in this world who want to do the right thing instead of what's best for their careers?

Phyllis: Greg zalevsky.

Nick: Who the hell is that?

Phyllis: He is the student council rep at summer's school. He's honest and fair, and he fights for the rights of all pupils.

Nick: (Sighs) yeah, what happens to those kids?

Phyllis: They turn into ricky williams.


Billy: I don't see anything.

Chelsea: Oh, look, that's the head! That's the head, right?

Woman: Spine looks good. Lungs, and there's the heart...

Chelsea: Ohh.

Woman: Beating strong.

Chelsea: (Laughs)

Woman: You want to know the sex?

Billy: (Clears throat) is it "x" or "y"?

Woman: Boy.

Chelsea: Ohh.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh.

Billy: Ooh, a boy.

Victoria: Wow.

Billy: Gonna have a boy. Lord help us all, I'm gonna have a little me.

Chelsea: (Laughs)

Woman: Hope you're ready for a houseful of testosterone, mom.

Billy: (Laughs)

Victoria: Oh, yeah, I--

Chelsea: Oh, no, no, look, victoria's not the mom. You--you thought that I was a surrogate, didn't you? No, v-victoria would love to give billy a baby, but she can'T. (Sighs)


Phyllis: If anybody knows about screwed-up family situations, it's me.

Ronan: (Sighs) I know that, and that's why I'm expecting you not to give me a hard time about this.

Phyllis: Okay, I'm gonna be really, really honest with you. Your situation with your mom is nothing,

nothing, like my train wreck of a family.

Ronan: (Exhales slowly)

Phyllis: Nina is a good person, and I think you should do everything you can to work it out with her.

Ronan: I know that nina is a good person, okay? I knew that before I came here... look, nina is not the problem, okay?

Phyllis: You just like to build a wall around yourself, don't you? You--you don't--you don't want to let anyone get close, do you?

Ronan: Well, I guess it comes with the job.

Phyllis: It comes with being hurt.

Ronan: Okay, you know what? I'm--I'm gonna go.

Phyllis: You know what? Say it.

Ronan: Say what?

Phyllis: Say, "good-bye, phyllis, I'm gonna miss you."

Ronan: I didn't take you for being so needy. (Chuckles)

Phyllis: Say it to me.

Phyllis: Good-bye, ronan. Good-bye. I'm gonna miss you.

Ronan: Good-bye, phyllis.

Ronan: I'm gonna miss you, too.


Ronan: "I wish I had

your gift for words.

They seem to come

so easily for you."

Ronan: "I could never find

the right ones to tell you

how grateful I am to you

for finding me.

'Thanks' is the best

that I came up with.

That, and...

I love you, mom."

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