Best Y&R Lines Monday 2/6/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 2/6/12


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Tucker: Well, can we really hold her responsible?

Jill: Well, of course we can. All right, maybe she didn't know what patty looked like, all right, but you can't tell me she didn't know there was something off about that maid. She needed to exploit her so she could hold colin in her wine cellar. If there was any justice at all, genevieve would be the one in the hospital right now.

Tucker: Well, don't hold back, jill. Tell me how you really feel.


Billy: How's dad?

Jack: Yeah, I don't even know if it was dad.

Billy: Well, come on, you seemed pretty confident that you were, uh, in touch with him once you woke up.

Jack: Yeah, I was pretty pumped with drugs.

Billy: Yeah, they pumped you full of drugs. What'd he say?

Jack: (Scoffs) said it wasn't my time, I had lots to accomplish. (Chuckles) funny, huh?

Billy: Well, why is that funny?

Jack: I can barely move. Moving one of my toes right now would be a major accomplishment. I guess I didn't realize that's what he had in mind.

Billy: Jack, you're gonna continue to do great things in your life.

Jack: Yeah, thanks.

Billy: That was dad, and... (chuckles) judging from my many visits with him, it's never a good idea to ignore what he has to say. Now you just got a really, really tough deal here, and I'm not gonna pretend to even guesstimate what the plan is for you, but... I had no idea that I would save delia's life. I didn't know that victoria would fall in love with me, and the only person... (chuckles) who had any faith that I would amount to anything in my life was our father. Damned if he wasn't right. He's right about this, too. You're gonna make him proud, jack.

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