Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 2/1/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 2/1/12


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Traci: (Sighs) What is it, Victor?

Victor: I just wanted to say that I know this must be an extraordinarily difficult time for Kyle, okay? So I'm willing to look after him while you focus on Jack.

Billy: Why, so you could try to take him again?

Victor: I'm merely offering my assistance, okay?

Abby: It's not your problem, Dad.

Victor: I'm very concerned about that boy.

Ashley: Then please have some respect for his father, who would absolutely not want you to be involved.

Billy: (Laughs) Not get involved? You? Yeah, right.

Traci: (Sighs) Please understand, Victor, we're just waiting to know that jack is okay before we talk to Kyle. It--that's the only reason that we haven't contacted him.

Victor: Traci, everyone wants Jack to pull through, including myself. If that should not be the case I will revisit the subject matter with you, all right?

Genevieve: Ethan, please. Please, Ethan. I know-- I know that I've made mistakes, but I did confess what I did to jack, and I walked away. And then I found out that he'd been shot, and now he's just fighting for his life, and I'm not allowed to be near him. I think that's punishment enough, don't you?

Cane: Mom, we aren't living in Colin's world anymore, all right? Things aren't black-and-white like that. You can't just right your wrongs and expect your sins to be forgiven, okay? There are repercussions that you have to live with for the choices you make. I've learned this the hard way with lily.

Genevieve: Ohh. So, what? What are you saying? That it's my turn to suffer now? Is that it? (Laughs)

Cane: You know, it's sad, it's--it's... I am sad. I am sad, because, you know, you... you've become this person. You're--you're so self-centered that you don't even hear anything I'm saying to you. There are other people here, mom. There are other people that have been hurt by what you've done.

Genevieve: What other people? Other than Jack, who?

Cane: Me, me. I have been hurt. You've hurt me. You have hurt me.

Sharon: Well, we'll know more of what to expect once your specialist arrives. It's the not knowing that's the hardest part to deal with.

Adam: I had my sight back, all of it. Now I see nothing. Thank you, Patty.

Sharon: Um... today wasn't the first time that you'd seen her since she'd been back, was it?

Adam: I knew she was here, in town, but I didn't bring her here.

Sharon: But you also didn't turn her in.

Adam: In retrospect, there's a lot more I should have done, but I warned her several times. I told her to leave. I knew she was bound to hurt somebody. I figured the most likely candidate was Genevieve.

Sharon: Why?

Adam: Oh, she was... railing on and on about her. She hated the woman. She wished she were dead. Instead, she... she set her sights on jack, and I was collateral damage. I just wish there was more I could have done to... contain her, keep her from going berserk.

Sharon: So you tracked Patty down and you tried to stop her. The fact that you couldn't doesn't make what you did any less heroic.

Adam: (Scoffs) A hero? Me? No. Far from it, especially where Patty's concerned.

Cane: (Scoffs) Yeah, you're right, you know? You didn't hurt me. I hurt me. I did it to myself, 'cause I actually thought for a second, you know what? My mom has changed.

Genevieve: (Sniffles) I guess you think I'm a pretty despicable person, don't you? That I'm... beyond redemption? And maybe you're right. Maybe I am. (Sighs) maybe that's my legacy from Colin.

Cane: You see, that's the problem, mom-- it's always someone else's fault. It's never your fault.

Genevieve: Have you ever really thought about what it was like for me to be trapped in that marriage? Especially.. after Samantha did, and even after I left, I couldn't get out from under your father's thumb. (Laughs) there was absolutely no way to get away from him. And then... (sighs) I saw an opportunity, a chance to run this big cosmetics company, and I leapt at it, because... (sighs) because I wanted to feel powerful for once in my life. I-I wanted to feel strong and whole and independent.

Cane: Why couldn't you do that as his partner? Why--why do you have to be his adversary?

Genevieve: Because... Ethan... your mother is damaged goods. (Sighs) I'm sorry. I'm really screwed up inside. (Sniffles) I started to notice myself falling into the same sort of self-defeating patterns with jack that I had with your dad. You know, I'd just sort of become more and more docile, and relying on him for everything, and doing everything he asked me to do without ever questioning it. And I don't know, I could just see for a second the years unfolding in front of us, and... and me disappearing a little bit more every day, just bit by bit, and I reacted out of fear, I guess, you know? And it was wrong, and I regret it, and it... has cost me. But... (sighs) I-I just don't know any other way to live.

Cane: You know, that's the most real you've ever been with me.

Genevieve: With anyone.

Cane: And I have to be real with you.

Cane: I can't do it anymore. I can't. I can't be your son.

John: Why would you ask me that? Are you ready to give up this life you're in?

Jack: Until this moment, I would have said no. But this place it's... it's so beautiful.

John: Mm-hmm.

Jack: So peaceful, so... and best of all, you're here.

John: Son, I'm always there for you, even when you can't see me. No, you're going to have to come up with a better reason than that.

Jack: Okay, how about this? I'm tired. I'm tired, Dad. I'm tired of this long string of failures.

John: Like what?

Jack: Like Kyle. (Scoffs) Yeah, there's one-- never being able to fill the void left when his mother died. And that's just one in a long, long list.

John: And what about all the good things in your life? Jack, if ever a man had--

Jack: Dad, it's kinda hard to count your blessings when somebody's just pumped a bullet in your gut.

John: Now, Jackie, I want you to hear me, and I want you to hear me good. You have everything to live for, everything. Your deepest love, your greatest achievements-- all those things are still ahead of you. You've barely scratched the surface of-- of the life you're in, of the man you're capable of becoming. If you give up now, you will be wasting some of god's precious gifts to you, and that, Jack, I will not stand for.

Jack: Oh, Dad, I-I don't know. I...

John: Now you take those oars in your hands, and you start rowing. Yes, go on back. Go home. Now you have things to do, and you do them.

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