Best Y&R Lines Thursday 1/26/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/26/12


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Angelina: Ohh. Ohh! Oh, it is freezing out there. Maybe you should go. I could, like, catch a cold and totally wreck my voice. Why couldn't we have been stranded on, like, a tropical island, on, like, that show "Hooligan's Island" or whatever. Oh, I could have stood out in-- all day in my Gucci bikini and definitely got us rescued. (Shivers)

Kevin: It's Gilligan.

Angelina: I'm pretty sure it's Gucci.

Kevin: The name of the show was "Gilligan's Island."

Angelina: Whoa, why are you yelling at me? What did I do?

Kevin: What did you do? Are you kidding me? You lied about being pregnant and about having a crazy stalker boyfriend, you made me miss my wedding by telling me that my family was in danger, and you took me to this icebox of a shack. Oh, right, and one of your dad's goons is after us, and so no, no, I'm not writing a message in a bottle. You know why? You know why? Because that would be really, really stupid. I'm building a raft. (Exhales quickly)

Kevin: I don't know if this last tube is gonna hold.

Angelina: Let me try.

Kevin: (Shivers)

Angelina: Ta-da!

Kevin: (Shivers)

Angelina: You can't still be mad at me, not after I sacrificed my outfit and my designer belt.

Kevin: (Exhales quickly) I tell you what, we get out of this predicament with your dad and all of my body parts are intact... (sighs) I'll take you on a shopping spree.

Angelina: Don't even with me, Kevin. You know that I take shopping real serious.

Kevin: I do.

Angelina: Then--then we just gotta convince daddy that you was just lookin' out for me. He's a real softie at heart.

Kevin: Are we talking about the same Angelo? Because I've seen what he's capable of firsthand, and, well, he terrifies me.

Kevin: Well, she's no cruise ship, but I think she's pretty sharp, and I am pretty sure she's gonna float.

Angelina: (Inhales deeply)

Kevin: And you were a really big help, Angelina. I'm sorry that I blew up at you before.

Angelina: You were right, I shouldn't have lied to you about the faux bambino.

Kevin: Truce.

Angelina: Yes, and I promise, nothin' but the truce from here on out.

Kevin: Oh, god. (Grunts)

Angelina: Oh, oh, oh. Uh... I found this motor under the porch when you was out on the pier lookin' for stuff to use.

Kevin: Huh.

Angelina: You think it'll work?

Kevin: Well, there's one way to find out.

Angelina: Oh.

Kevin: Give me this, take that--okay.

Angelina: Oh, I cannot wait to take a shower and get my nails and my hair done.

Kevin: (Laughs) On my count--one, two, three.

Angelina: Oh. (Grunts)

Kevin: (Grunts)

Angelina: We're good, okay. Oh, then we can go get beers. Ooh, what about sweet release's? Ohh.

Kevin: Oh, this could be a long raft trip.

Angelina: Oh.

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