Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 1/25/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 1/25/12


Provided By Eva

Adam: You think I took a sudden interest in needlepoint?

Tucker: And those photographs to my wife and that stupid movie in the warehouse.

Adam: I am so flattered that you all think I'm the center of the universe, but, uh, I had my own pillow-- "evil." I would have stitched that together, why?

Nick: To deflect attention.

Adam: Okay, so I would have put myself in the pillow situation, But I would have left myself out of the movie? My, I am unpredictable, aren't I? Let me remind you, the diary page--it implicates me. There is somebody out there who's toying with the cops. I'm another one of the targets, just like you. I'm not the instigator. I'm another victim, if you will.

Victor: You disgust me. You stop whining, son. The reason we are all in this predicament is because of you. You tried to frame me for murder. You may not have picked up the rock to kill Diane Jenkins, but you're responsible for her death. You're scum!

Adam: I'm the bad guy? Your hands are clean? That is one hell of a skewed perspective, if you ask me. Why don't you take a look around this room? I'm e only man in here that didn't sleep with Diane. Now why don't you justly give me a second to bleach my brain out on that one. No, tucker, it wasn't my hands around her throat that night at the park. Nicholas, I didn't threaten to kill her. Jack, I wasn't ready to boot her from her son's life, and, dad, I didn't throw her out of the back, of an ambulance, so she might be dead, but this ain't on me.

Jack: Where the hell do you get off, you sanctimonious jerk?

Nick: You sucked Diane into your game 'cause you're obsessed with dad, almost as much as you are with Sharon.

(Door opens)

Adam: I treated Diane like a human being, which is more than the rest of you can say.

Deacon: What's shakin', boys? Seems like I showed up just in time for the punch line. What, were you just talking about how good you were to Diane, treating her like a friend?

Adam: I treated her like a human being, yeah.

Deacon: Like a human being. Huh. Well, that's, uh, that's sweet, huh? Don't you think? Really, I think in is. I mean, it's also complete load of crap, and you know it.

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