Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 1/18/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 1/18/12


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Kevin: Any luck?

Angelina: Ooh, ooh. No bars, no nothin'. How about your cell?

Kevin: It's swimming with the fishes in long island sound.

Angelina: Well, what if I get up on the roof? I mean, you know, get higher or something.

Kevin: The--the--no, no. The pregnant woman is not getting up on the roof.

Angelina: We gotta get online. I've been out of touch for so long, my fans are gonna think I'm blowin' 'em off.

Kevin: That's what you're worried about? Your fans?

Angelina: What else?

Kevin: How about the fact that we're stranded on this island with no heat, no food, and we're about to be ratted out to your father?

Angelina: Oh, by, uh, what's-his-name, Johnny or whatever.

Kevin: Jeffrey.

Angelina: Well, maybe he won't tell Daddy where we are.

Kevin: No, no, I'm pretty certain he would trade my life for his own.

Angelina: Oh. (Laughs) Is my poor Kevvie grumpy?

Kevin: Only 'cause I'm starving, I'm freezing--

Angelina: Oh, oh, oh, ooh! (Gasps) I got it! I got reception.

Kevin: (Exhales sharply)

Sharon: Before you jump to conclusions, I would have cast the same vote no matter who was running the company. It was not personal.

Adam: You don't think it was personal for my father?

Sharon: I can't speak to his motivations. I'm just telling you mine. As his wife, I have a responsibility to protect his interests.

Adam: His wife. Congratulations on that, by the way. Your new husband seems to be treating you like a puppet more than a wife.

Sharon: Don't go on the attack.

Adam: Look at you. Two days into this marriage, and already you don't have a voice of your own. He's using you to get at me, and apparently, you're okay with that.

Nikki: Avery, I understand that professionally, you have to put my interests first, yes, but if somebody's going to pay for something that I id, that--that's not acceptable. Well... (Sighs) All right, you know, after Victor's released, we will talk about this, okay? Thank you.

Adam: Booze not doing at for you anymore, Nikki? You had to move on to something stronger.

Nikki: Oh, excuse me?

Adam: Talking about my father being released. You must be, uh... (sniffs) high.

Nikki: Ahh. I'm not the one out of touch with realty. I'll bet you've been having a lot of fun, huh? Living out your fantasy, playing C.E.O. But now that there's proof that victor didn't kill Diane and you lied and said you saw that happen, I suspect that things in your world are gonna get pretty ugly pretty fast. You take care now.

Tucker: Well, I gotta get going. Devon, if you do happen to change your mind and you want to meet with the doctor, you, um... yeah. Well, you know where to find me. I'll see you two later.

Harmony: You're bein' a fool, and you're startin' to work my last nerve, too.

Angelina: (Sniffles)

(Door opens)

Kevin: Give me your phone.

Angelina: My battery's dead.

Angelina: Where are you going?

Kevin: There's gotta be someone who can help.

Angelina: But they could be miles away. How will you find them?

Kevin: Maybe I'll get them to find us, 'cause I'm getting off this island and away from you, and I don't care if I have to set this shack on fire to make that happen.

Harmony: Oh, here it is.

Neil: Hmm?

Harmony: These are the news releases.

Neil: Okay.

Harmony: And--and here's a bio and the research director. That's the one that Tucker talked to.

Neil: Oh, right. That's perfect. Thank you. Hey, son. Harmony was just showing me the web site for the foundation that's doing the research.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Devon: Well, is the number on there for where I should call?

Harmony: You're gonna do that?

Devon: Well, I wouldn't want to work your last nerve. I'd be a fool not to, right?

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