Best Y&R Lines Friday 1/13/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 1/13/12


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Tucker: So what makes you think your position at Newman is tenuous?

Adam: I wouldn't be in this office if, uh, Dad didn't want me here. He's calling shots even from prison.

Tucker: So, what, he's settin' you up for a fall?

Adam: I'm pretty sure it's what he lives for.

Tucker: Mm, you're smart not to underestimate him.

Adam: Victor Newman got game. So does Vic junior. If he tries to get rid of me, I'll have an exit strategy in place.

Tucker: You sell me Beauty of Nature, I give you a job at McCall.

Adam: Win-win for both of us.

Tucker: Hmm. (Sighs) I don't know.

Adam: Well, you better make your mind up soon. My next phone call goes out to Jack Abbott.

Jack: Here you are.

Adam: I'm a busy man, Jack.

Jack: Yes, I hear. You're selling beauty of nature. I want it.

Adam: And because we're B.F.F.s and all, I should give you priority treatment?

Jack: No, because you're a smart businessman.

Adam: Smart enough to know that I'm not supposed to discuss the sale of beauty of nature until I've met with the board members.

Jack: Oh, man. Don't mess with me. You're not going to the board unless you know exactly what the outcome's going to be.

Adam: Are you accusing me of something illicit?

Jack: You're going to shop one of Victor's prized possessions around until you get exactly what you want from the sale.

Adam: And you think you can give that to me?

Jack: I know I can.

Adam: Are we talking real money, Jack? You're willing to offer me more money than anyone else for Beauty of Nature?

Jack: I'll give you whatever you want, but I can offer you something no one else can.

Adam: A lifetime of free cosmetics?

Jack: Satisfaction. I recognize this game of one-upmanship that you're playing with victor. Played it myself for years.

Adam: Aren't you still?

Jack: This is your chess match, Adam. If you're asking my advice, I think selling me Beauty of Nature would be a brilliant move.

Adam: But not a legal one.

Jack: Never bothered you in the past.

Adam: Uh, well, I just figured I'd switch things up a little, play by the book.

Jack: I have the S.E.C. on speed dial.

Adam: With honest people like you, who needs criminals?

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