Best Y&R Lines Thursday 1/12/12

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/12/12


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Jeff: Angelo did this to me.

Angelina: Did what to you?

Jeff: Left me marooned on this godforsaken island with nobody for company except old squishy there. I didn't leave your mother willingly, and I did not take her money. I'm hurt that anyone would think that of me.

Kevin: (Scoffs) Well, if he's capable of sending thugs after his own daughter, I guess he's capable of anything.

Angelina: I can't believe my daddy would do this. So not his style.

Jeff: Oh, believe it, ki-- wait, you're Angelo's daughter?

Angelina: Angelina. Pleased to meet ya.

Jeff: I didn't know Angelo even had-- never mind. (Groans) You know how Angelo felt about me after the bookie thing went south. I guess I'm lucky he didn't just have me whacked.

Angelina: That would have been more his style.

Kevin: (Sighs) Yeah, well... Angelo had another reason for wanting you gone. He's pretty hung up on mom, and since you've been gone, he's been putting the moves on her.

Jeff: I'll kill him.

Kevin: Easy, tiger. It's totally one-sided. Despite what she thinks you did to her... mom still misses you. God knows why. (Sighs)

Adam: (Exhales slowly) Ah, Mrs. Victor Newman?

Sharon: You're not supposed to be standing this close to me.

Adam: I was here first.

Sharon: It doesn't matter with a restraining order.

Adam: Okay. I know the rules. I won't cause any trouble. Let me ask you something, though-- um, I have been wanting to get you and my father a-a wedding gift, and I just wanted to know if you were registered anywhere. I mean, if not, I can always just buy you some Plexiglas cleaner.

Sharon: Adam, don't do this.

Adam: I won't cause any trouble. Congratulations.

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