Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 1/10/12

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 1/10/12


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Summer: I smashed my finger in the door!

Nick: What happened? What, what, what? Come here, come here, come here, come here. You did? Are you okay? Let me see it.

Phyllis: What is it? It's--it's swollen.

Nick: It's--it's okay. Can--can you move it?

Summer: I'm afraid.

Phyllis: Do you think we should take her to the hospital?

Summer: No, no hospital!

Phyllis: No, it's not gonna be like last time. It won't be like last time.

Summer: Please don't make me go. (Sniffles)

Nick: Okay, look, look. You--you probably don't have to go, but I just need to see if it's okay. Now can you--can you move it? Remember our little trick? Remember, "If you can bend it"...

Summer: "We can mend it."

Nick: See? Look at that. It's not broken. It's just a silly little sprain. I'll tell you what, can you, uh, can you get her some ice?

Phyllis: Sure. Yeah, uh-huh.

Nick: Yeah. She's--she's fine. All right. That's nothing. Hey, you know what'd be so cool? What if we had one of those talking plants? Remember, from "little shop of horrors"? And then we could show him your finger, like here, right here, we'd show the plant your finger, and it'd go... (in silly voice) "Feed me, Summer! Feed me, Summer!" (Normal voice) That'd be cool, huh?

Summer: (Laughs) no, it'd try to eat my finger.

Nick: You mean like this? (Making chomping noises)

Summer: (Squealing, laughing)

Nick: (In silly voice) oh, I want that finger! (Normal voice) Oh, it's all right.

Summer: (Laughs)

Nick: Oh, here we go. Look at this. All right, we don't have a talking plant, but we got me, and I'm gonna fix this thing, all right? There we go Right.

Chelsea: Well, I really wish I could give you more time to adjust to the news, but the truth of the matter, Billy, is I'm broke, and I need your help. And I would just hate to have to sell this story to the tabloids.

Billy: Well, why not? Go for it.

Chelsea: (Stammers) Uh, shouldn't you be considering your wife and what that would do to her?

Billy: Oh, you're worried about my wife? (Chuckles) That's cute. See, I'm afraid that you didn't get the right first impression of Victoria. Yeah, she was in shock for about 24 hours. You see, I wouldn't want to mess with my wife. You know victor Newman, right? Her dad? One of the meanest S.O.B.'s on the planet? Well, she took him on and cleaned his clock. She's not gonna be scared of a little girl like you. In fact, if I left it up to her, she'd choke the life out of you and never break stride.

Chelsea: Look, I told you, I am willing to make this easy on everyone and just disappear. So if you want this baby out of your life--

Billy: No, that's the thing-- I don't.

Chelsea: What exactly are you saying? How would you see this working? Me and a baby in a house with a white picket fence and daddy just dropping by every other weekend?

Billy: Not feeling that.

Chelsea: No, I'm not feeling that, either. Unless, of course, you want to make it a mansion with a white iron gate with ten bedrooms.

Billy: (Laughs) definitely not feeling that.

(Knock on door)


Billy: (Sighs)

Chelsea: Lovely, you, too. Billy, call me when you're ready to get real.

Billy: (Chuckles)

(Door slams)

Cane: Whoa. So what just happened there?

Billy: Oh, nothing. Chelsea just found out she's not the one calling the shots.

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