Best Y&R Lines Monday 1/9/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 1/9/12


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Adam: Squeeze me out of Newman? For this?

Nick: Violating a restraining order. That'll do it.

Adam: Charges won't stick. Witnesses will testify that Sharon was engaging me in conversation. It's just gonna smell like entrapment. And let's be honest, who's really going to give Sharon any credibility after the decision that she's just made? And that, brother, is the real reason why you're here, isn't it? Our father said, "Will you marry me?" And Sharon said, "Yes." So you came here because I am the one person who understands exactly how that feels.

Adam: So it doesn't bother you about her and dad? Doesn't it make you wonder if she loathes you, or me, that much that she would hook up with victor Newman just to show you who's boss?

Nick: Sharon put you in here. She would rather you be in a jail cell than be in the same room with her. She didn't have to enforce the restraining order, Adam. I mean, I couldn't hold it over her head any longer. She had already won joint custody of faith.

Adam: And Sharon got the both of us, didn't she? Or rather, dad did. He's awfully adorable when he gloats, isn't he? His mustache twirls all on its own.

Nick: He does enjoy winning.

Adam: At all costs, no matter what, which is why I'm going to devote all my energies to Newman enterprises.

Nick: You mean, when they throw you out as C.E.O.?

Adam: Or when they carry me around on their shoulders in the conference room when I present my new course of action?

Nick: Your plan is that big? It's that impressive? Really?

Adam: I'm selling beauty of nature. I'm going to take the cash and buy distressed assets. Who says a bad economy isn't a good thing?

Nick: That will never happen, do you hear me? And you remember I said that.

Adam: Why do you care about the old man and his company after what he did to you?

Adam: I know, I know. Back so soon. It's nice in here. It's quiet. It's not like regular lockup, which is where I spent the last few hours.

Victor: Because you violated Sharon's restraining order. She told me.

Adam: She could have dropped it. She doesn't have to placate Nicholas anymore. She has shared custody. But she pressed charges, so I guess you've found yourself a shiny new little robot toy.

Victor: I don't control Sharon. I simply showed her the way. She's made some other very important decisions, beyond charging you.

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