Best Y&R Lines Friday 1/6/12

Y&R Best Lines Friday 1/6/12


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Adam: Hey, Pops. How's life in the big house? Made any special friends?

Victor: Sit down, Adam. Shouldn't you be off running my company?

Adam: I came here to applaud your latest move. It was very well-played. I didn't anticipate it.

Victor: You're talking about my proposal to Sharon?

Adam: You would have scored a direct hit if not for one thing-- the wedding's s never gonna happen.

Victor: Did you see her wear my ring?

Adam: So you see that she still loves me?

Victor: (Laughs) whether or not she does, son, it's irrelevant. She didn't choose you, did she?

Adam: Not yet.

Victor: Not ever, son, because you can't give her what I can.

Adam: I can give Sharon everything that she needs. We'd be together now if Nicholas hadn't forced her to file that restraining order against me

Victor: Sharon could have refused.

Adam: Not while her ex has control of faith. Bu en she gets her daughter back, everything will change. She'll realize she doesn't need you when she has me.

Victor: We'll find out sooner than you think.

Adam: Meaning?

Victor: She's in family court right now, fighting Nicholas for joint custody.

Adam: He didn't mention anything about that.

Victor: Wow. Well... it came about suddenly.

Adam: You did this, didn't you? You made this happen, some sick game you're playing to win Sharon over.

Victor: You're not that proud of yourself now, aren't you?

Adam: You miscalculated. She'll hand that ring right back to you.

Victor: You stay away from her, all right?

Adam: I have someplace I need to be.

Victor: There's something you need to know-- Sharon did not choose you.

Adam: (Knocks on door)

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