Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 1/4/12

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 1/4/12


Provided By Eva

Angelina: Oh, one little post! (Sighs) And not for nothing, but I thought you'd be happy for me... and Devon.

Kevin: What is it gonna take to get through to you? We were shot at, I left my fiancée at the altar, and I lied to my family so that they wouldn't be shot at instead, and you don't understand why posting on FacePlace is a bad idea?! (Sighs) I'm gonna go take a shower.

Angelina: Don't be mad.

(Door slams)

Angelina: But my fans... (sighs) what would gaga do?  You guys, I've seen your posts, and I love you all. (Giggles) keep watching me on Viewclick and remember, every perfect note is just for you. Oh, and, uh, give it up for my producer, Devon winters. Hey! (Laughs) guy is a major genius, and there's way more to come. Peace out, dolls. And... upload. Kevvie, I didn't post anything, hand to God.

Angelina: That is so sweet! Someone thinks I'm dubbed, and, like, a bazillion people want to be my buddy.

Kevin: What are you doing?

Angelina: (Scoffs) I gotta respond to my fans, duh.

Kevin: Your boyfriend wants to kill us. We're in hiding. Your fans can wait until Vinnie gets psycho Carmine to put the gun down. Famous is great-- alive is better.

Gloria: Angelo, Angelo-- please, please, please. Could you just tell me why you're upset, huh? Hmm? Come on.

Angelo: My baby, my princess-- she's not alone. This has to be dealt with.

Gloria: Yeah, of course. Well... I had a good time on our date.

Angelo: Me, too.

Angelo: (Exhales slowly) Dino. You're at the motel? You find that Fisher kid-- over the falls, without the barrel.

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