Best Y&R Lines Monday 1/2/12

Y&R Best Lines Monday 1/2/12


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Nikki: So you proposed to Sharon, and you've got the ring on your finger. That's a-- I mean, that--that--that is too absurd for words.

Sharon: Is it so absurd that victor and I would have anything in common?

Nikki: Oh, well, now I didn't say you didn't have anything in common. Yes, of course, you do. I mean, after all, you are the mother of his grandchildren, you've been married to both of his sons, and you have tormented Nicholas and the rest of the family over this obsession with Adam, and now you are telling me that suddenly you have this incredible connection with victor, worthy of marriage?

Victor: You are no longer married to me. You have a new husband. This is private business, none of your concern.

Nikki: Listen to you. You think that you know everything. You don't know anything at all. (Laughter) (noisemaker honks)

Sharon: Hi, this is Sharon. Sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message.

Nikki: Why would you want to marry anyone right now, least of all Sharon?

Victor: And this from a woman who is married to a man who got her drunk.

Nikki: If you think this is about deacon, you couldn't be more wrong.

Victor: This has nothing to do with that damn fellow, nor with you or anyone else. I enjoy Sharon's company, all right?

Nikki: Victor, you are in a jail cell. There is nothing rational or reasonable to think that you can have a marriage under these circumstances, and the very fact that she accepted your proposal says it all.

Sharon: What does it say, Nikki?

Nikki: How did you do it, Sharon? One fake Christmas tree was enough to convince victor Newman that you're the one?

Sharon: You think I angled for this proposal?

Nikki: Did you cry? Did you weep about how alone you are and you really need him? That's how you get everything you want.

Victor: This was my choice.

Victor: She's young. She's vibrant. She's beautiful. Why wouldn't I want her as my wife?

Nikki: You know, I actually came here to tell you something that, at the time, was very important. It isn't anymore.

Victor: Then I suggest you can leave now.

Nikki: Oh, I'm leaving. I am leaving. Before I go, though, let me just extend my deepest congratulations to you and your commitment. I-I didn't get it before, I really didn't, but... (Snaps fingers) it makes so much sense to me now. It--it--it really-- I get it. You two destroy the people who love you, because you are selfish and self-centered, cruel people. How long is it gonna take before you inflict that on each other? Frankly, I can't think of two people who deserve to be together any more than you. So you enjoy your little glass-wall marriage. I hope it keeps you very toasty.

Sharon: You know... (clears throat) I never said yes, but you let her think that it was all agreed and--and that-- that we're engaged.

Victor: (Sighs) I'm glad you didn't destroy her assumption.

Sharon: She's furious, and obviously, that's exactly what you wanted. You're trying to push her away, just like you did on Christmas eve. This is about protecting her, but how? How does pushing her away solve anything?

Victor: You're complicating the issue. I asked you to marry me, and I hope you accept.

Sharon: Then tell me the real reason you proposed, Victor.

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