Best Y&R Lines Thursday 12/15/11

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 12/15/11


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Adam: Embarrassingly, unsurprisingly drunk again.

Nick: You shut your mouth and get the hell away from us.

Adam: Gladly.

Nick: And I know you're up to something at Newman, too.

Adam: Nicholas, you shouldn't let your mind wander. It's too small to be out on its own.

Neil: Yeah, we did. Um, we put the whole thing together so last-minute, Devon couldn't make it. After the ceremony, I-I was feeling a little hot, so I went outside, grabbed some fresh air, and I thought I'd jump in the car, thinking I'd pick up Devon, bring him back to the church to have some cake with us.

Neil: What? What is that look all about?

Harmony: I'm just imagining what it's gonna be like for your new baby. You know, growing up with parents who adore him and can provide for him, steady and--and dependable. Devon didn't have that until he found you and Drucilla.

Neil: We're blessed.

Harmony: So was I, but I made choices I regret. I don't think you should regret this one, Neil.

Neil: It just... feels--

Harmony: No, no, no. You are doing the right thing. Now that's a concept that's new to me, so I'm just trying to keep checking to make sure that I'm on the right track.

Neil: Every day.

Harmony: You know, sometimes every second, but I know if I keep aiming for doing right, then I'm almost sure it's gonna lead me to some good things, some good things for me, just like it always has for you.

Neil: Yeah, yeah, I hear you. I know. I've had more-- more than my share of good things.

Harmony: Well, listen, whatever you do, don't you screw up now. Otherwise, what hope do I have? You feel me?

Neil: Yeah, I feel you. Better get back to my, uh... my wife.

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