Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 12/14/11

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 12/14/11


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Nick: You know, I don't think that he just happened to bump into you here.

Phyllis: Why would you say that?

Nick: He really wants to nail Diane's killer, and if he suspects that's you--

Phyllis: You think Ronan wants to nail me? He's not even on the force anymore, nick.

Nick: Just be careful, okay?

Phyllis: You worried about me?

Nick: Of course I'm worried about you. You'll always be--

Phyllis: The mother of your child, I know.

Nick: I was gonna say important to me.

Phyllis: Oh.

Phyllis: (Clears throat) well, you don't think that your dad killed Diane, and you obviously don't think I did. Who do you think did it? What's your theory?

Nikki: (Slurred speech) Want some?

Sharon: I think you've had enough.

Nikki: Well, I have had enough of you over the years, that's for damn sure, since before all of your sleazy exploits with... well, just "insert name here." Disgusting slut.

Sharon: Nikki, listen to me.

Nikki: There have been so many. What, are you gonna deny it? You can't dare deny it. I mean, my god, there's brad... (clears throat) Diego, um, Cameron... I know there were more. Now let me think, 'cause it's just like a phone book. Billy-- my god, Billy Abbott, the night before his wedding, while you're married to his brother. I mean, that is disgusting. Is that your thing? You--you're into that whole brother thing, huh? That--that's why that thing happened with Adam? Or is that just another way to dig the knife in deeper and deeper into Nicholas' back? Once again, one more time, play it again, Sam, huh? (Slaps table) Sam. There's another one. (Laughing)

Sharon: Wow. You are really drunk.

Nikki: Well, you know what, Sharon? I just might be, but when I'm drunk, I tell the truth.

Sharon: Okay, well, I've always known you never liked me, so you don't have to say any of these things.

Nikki: I don't not like you. I detest you. I have had you pegged from the very beginning, you gold digger. When you first dug your hooks into my son, who was so young, he didn't know any better, and you didn't care. You just destroyed his life, you broke his heart, and you are ruining his life to this day.

Sharon: Kind of like how you're ruining Victor's now?

Nikki: Get out of my face.

(Silverware clatters)

Sharon: You know, Nikki, I'm surprised that you'd have such a problem with gold diggers...

Nikki: What?

Sharon: Since you just married one.

Nikki: You shut up, you bitch.

Sharon: (Gasps) oh!

(Silverware clatters)

Adam: Is there something I can do for you and your gray scarf, Nicholas?

Nick: You can-- hi, Mom.

Nikki: Hi, baby. Oh, it's so hot in here.

Nick: Are you okay? Mom?

Nikki: It's just really hot--

Nick: Mom, whoa, whoa, whoa! Mom, mom, mom, mom. Jeez. Mom?

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