Best Y&R Lines Friday 12/9/11

Y&R Best Lines Friday 12/9/11


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Nick: Okay, I need you to listen to me.

Avery: Why? What can you say? You want to add me to the rotation. You go from Phyllis to me to Sharon. Forget it. I don't want any part of that.

Avery: Perfect.

Nick: You're here again? They're gonna start charging you rent.

Nick: Okay, um, I owe you an apology for storming out of here earlier like that.

Avery: Well, you were anxious to get to Sharon.

Nick: Well, I found her-- with Adam, and for the record, she was not tricking Adam into confessing that all his testimony was a lie. They were just looking like they wanted jump on each other.

Avery: Mm-hmm.

Nick: It's completely predictable. Not that I'm not upset with you.

Avery: Oh. What a relief.

Nick: Look, Sharon can be very convincing when she's trying to deny her feelings for Adam. She even convinces herself. You can't just listen to what she says. You have to pay attention to what she does. It's more important.

Avery: Well, that sounds like someone else I know. The way you launched out of here to run to Sharon's rescue-- what does that say about your feelings?

Nick: (Pops lips) okay, I know where this is going.

Avery: You are jealous of Adam and Sharon.

Nick: No, I am not.

Avery: Really? Because I saw the two of you arguing. Yeah, I was here. You didn't see me because you were so intensely focused on Sharon.

Nick: Because her behavior is putting my daughter at risk.

Avery: Oh, really, nick? You're gonna blame faith for this? You know, next time you want to criticize Sharon for her lack of self-awareness, why don't you check out those industrial-strength blinders you're wearing? (Scoffs) who am I to talk? I didn't see what was right in front of me. You know, I knew you weren't, maybe, completely over Phyllis, but you're not even over Sharon

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