Best Y&R Lines Monday 12/5/11

Y&R Best Lines Monday 12/5/11


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Billy: I am quite positive you helped me out because of mom and Delia, but I do appreciate it.

Cane: Yeah, well, you know, victor, you know, forced you to make some impossible choices with your family, so...

Billy: Yeah.

Cane: Yeah.

Billy: He got in my head. He almost broke me. He had me halfway out of town before I, uh... remembered what you said.

Cane: "I'm not gonna serve you"?

Billy: That's right.

Cane: Oh.

Billy: At jimmy's. "I'm not gonna serve you." I wanted to drown myself in scotch and sorrow, and had to go halfway around the world and back before I realized I'm gonna lose everything, and I finally got the message.

Cane: Well, it's better late than never.

Billy: I owe you.

Cane: I'll just put it on your tab.

Sharon: (Clears throat) this your new pastime? Making sure people go to jail for crimes they didn't commit?

Adam: Like father, like son.

Sharon: So that is what this is about--payback, for victor trying to frame you for Skye's murder.

Adam: (Clicks lips) Some people might see it that way.

Sharon: Hmm, you mean like, everyone?

Adam: Dad knows the truth.

Sharon: You don't even deserve to call him that. You have been his biggest disappointment in his life. You've never once done anything to make him proud.

Adam: That's not the job of the black sheep.

Sharon: Victor made sure that you didn't put me away for Skye's murder, and I'm gonna make sure you don't put him away for Diane's.

Adam: He certainly made sure to plead the fifth a year ago, which kept you in prison this whole time. You show too much loyalty, Sharon.

Sharon: That's something you'll never understand.

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