Best Y&R Lines Friday 12/2/11

Y&R Best Lines Friday 12/2/11


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Nick: You know, you've been back at Newman, what, five minutes? And you're already working an agenda.

Adam: So you think I planted that syringe in Dad's office, huh?

Nick: Well, since you just happened to be working on thanksgiving, and that is when they just happened to find the stuff, yeah, I think you set up dad.

Adam: Okay, okay, I see what's happening here. You--you're taking this out on me 'cause you feel guilty.

Nick: (Scoffs) for what?

Adam: While our old man was being hauled off, you were, uh, stuffing turkey with Sharon.

Nick: This is killing you, isn't it? You're dying to know about Sharon's life far away from you, right?

Victor: Ohh. There you are. I was expecting you.

Ronan: Where's Nikki?

Victor: What do you care where Nikki is? She didn't do a damn thing.

Ronan: Well, that's yet to be determined. Where is she, victor?

Victor: I know who killed Diane Jenkins. You're looking at him. I killed her.

Ronan: You're covering for her.

Victor: And I almost got away with it, didn't I? Because you're stupid.

Victor: But you're not gonna prosecu--prosecute Nikki, not for a crime I committed, okay?

Ronan: You did it?

Victor: Yeah.

Ronan: How'd you do it?

Victor: How'd I do it? I injected the bitch. That's how I did it.

Ronan: You injected her with what?

Victor: Yeah, with that-- that--that--that--that-- what was it called? It was succinylcholine or whatever the hell it is. Magic, baby, it's magic. (Makes whooshing sound) you just inject it in their body and it goes limp. (Chuckles) but she stayed conscious. That's what I wanted, because I wanted her to-- I wanted her to know it when I bashed her in the head. You understand that? I wanted her to suffer the way she--she made me suffer, all of us suffer.

Ronan: That a fact?

Victor: Yeah, it's a fact. Oh, look who--ask him. Ask my boy. Hey, Adam. You-- you--you tell this arrogant son of a bitch. You tell him. Tell him, when you were there that night, and I killed-- I killed Diane Jenkins. Tell him.

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