Best Y&R Lines Thursday 12/1/11

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 12/1/11


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Tucker: You know what's funny about this? I came here to meet you halfway. You know, the golden rule and all that, but evidently, you do unto others in your own special way.

Kay: Nobody's done anything to you, tucker.

Tucker: She's using you again. You know that? To make headway with Devon. He's the finish line. He's just an acquisition.

Kay: He's my family.

Tucker: In theory. In theory, so am I. Now let me tell you something, it's been great so far. Now I will protect my son from you and from anyone else who can hurt him.

Harmony: Are you threatening me, tucker? 'Cause you don't know me. Now if you want to tussle in some family drama, that's between your mama and you. It ain't got nothing to do with me. Now I'm here for my son. That's all, and ain't you or nobody else gonna get in the way of that.

Nick: My mom has been back for, like, two minutes, and you've already got her in an orange jumpsuit. Based on what? Wh-who's your source? Where's your evidence?

Phyllis: Okay, we're gonna talk about this when you calm down, okay?

Nick: We are talking about summer's grandmother, who is freshly sober and finally back home. Now I know you don't give a damn about your parents, but--

Phyllis: Oh, don't, don't-- no, no, no, no, no, no. You're not gonna bring up my parents, okay? That's not a part of this conversation, and if you were so deeply concerned about family and had so much respect for family, you wouldn't be having sex with my sister!

Nick: That is enough.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Nick: That's what this s about? You want to use my magazine and my parents to get back at me?

Phyllis: No, my job is page views and magazine sales. That's my job--nothing else.

Nick: No, it's not. You want to know what your job is? It's to listen to me, your boss, which you never do, so you don't work here anymore. You're fired.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? I just wrote the story. It was a story idea, nick. I didn't print it. I didn't send it out. I didn't do anything with it. It was an idea, and you're losing your mind.

Nick: I told you no, and you didn't listen, 'cause you just don't give a damn. I'll tell you "absolutely not" on something, and you do it anyway. You do--

Phyllis: Yeah, I do it anyway! I do it anyway. That's right, I do whatever I want, don't I? Because I'm strong-minded, I'm strong-willed, and I'm stubborn, and tat's what makes me a great mother and an incredible friend and an amazing... (voice cracks) amazing wife... (normal voice) and a damn good magazine editor, damn good. So you know what? Let's just, um, agree to disagree and move on, like we always seem to do, right? I have a million other story ideas. Let's go over them.

Nick: Phyllis, I just fired you. That was real. It just happened, so get out.

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