Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 11/30/11

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 11/30/11


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Billy: So you really think of Delia as "your girl," huh?

Kevin: Yeah, I do.

Billy: That's good. I mean, you've come to her rescue, uh, more than a few times when I couldn't, when Jana took her and this last thing. Besides putting up with me for her sake, that's love, man. (Chuckles)

Kevin: (Sighs) yeah, no kidding. You are high-maintenance.

Billy: I know it!

Chloe: I guess you guys are okay with each other now.

Billy: Mm, I mean, you could do worse.

Kevin: And you have.

Billy: (Laughs sarcastically) who am I to stop you if you want to be Mrs. Rodent?

Kevin: Ohh! And we were doing so well.

Billy: Oh, buddy, did you think I was gonna stop with the chipmunk jokes? I mean, I can't. I mean, look at you. It's just comedy gold. (Chittering)

Kevin: Don't pull on my face, and get off of me.

Billy: (Laughs)

Daniel: Well, how was Thanksgiving?

Kevin: Delia came home. It was great.

Michael: And we had a big Italian thanksgiving at Gloworm with a big Italian.

Daniel: (Sighs) Man, that sounds good.

Kevin: What? The Romalotti family thanksgiving wasn't Italian?

Daniel: Vegetarian.

Kevin: Couldn't have been any worse than last year's, uh, turkey alla crayola that your mom made.

Michael: (Laughs)

Daniel: Mm...

Eden: (Sighs) Vegetarian Thanksgiving, huh?

Daniel: (Sighs)

Eden: Oh, I hope that doesn't mean--

Daniel: Oh, ho, that means tofurky.

Eden: (Laughs) I'm so sorry. (Inhales sharply) hmm. I'll have to take you out for a burger later. You know, erase the memory.

Daniel: That would be nice.

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