Best Y&R Lines Monday 11/21/11

Y&R Best Lines Monday 11/21/11


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Victoria: I can't believe this. What are you trying to tell me? You've been in Genoa City this entire time, and you didn't bother to tell anyone you were there? Your daughter-- you never once went to see her. She's been fighting for her life, and she's been calling out for you.

Billy: I saw her.

Victoria: When?

Billy: Several times. I saw her. I went there. She just... never knew it was me. She was asleep, and it was Halloween.

Victoria: Delia said that she saw Santa.

Billy: Delia's the reason I came back. Kevin just covered for me. I was the real match. Delia has my bone marrow. Contains formoterol,

Neil: This is Sofia. She's m-- we have a baby together.

Sofia: Mm.

Harmony: (Laughs) Congratulations. Girl or boy?

Sofia: A boy.

Harmony: Your first?

Sofia: Yeah, it's incredible. I couldn't imagine him not being in my life his name is Moses. He's named after my father.

Devon: Harmony here didn't have that experience, did you?

Harmony: I've said I was sorry.

Devon: You also said you'd leave me alone and wouldn't push.

Harmony: Baby, I was worried about you.

Devon: These are just a few of the people who take care of me now and look after me. They're all I need. I really hope one day you can learn to respect that.

Victoria: So you expect me to believe that Kevin was just pretending?

Billy: No, I don't. I-I can--I can show you the needle mark where they pulled the bone marrow out if you want. It's right here.

Victoria: Why would you do something like this? Why? I don't understand. I mean, were you that determined to stay away from me?

Billy: No, it was sheer hell. All I wanted to do was pick up my kid and come see you, but I-I couldn't. I--

Victoria: Why?

Billy: (Sighs)

Victoria: Why not?

Billy: That was the deal I made to get out of the Myanmar prison.

Victoria: I don't understand with what one has to do with the other.

Billy: I was freed by... (sighs) I-- I had to get tested to see if I was a match. And if I was and then-- and then the procedure worked, then I had to agree to stay away from Genoa city and not see my daughter, but more importantly, I wasn't allowed to see you. That was the deal I made with the devil.

Victoria: (Sighs) Oh, my God. My dad.

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