Best Y&R Lines Thursday 11/17/11

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 11/17/11


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Chloe: You know what I'm gonna tell daddy first thing when I see him? How good you were the entire time that you were in the hospital. He's gonna be so, so proud of you.

Delia: I'm all better now. He can come.

Chloe: You know what, baby? Daddy's not staying away because you're sick. I mean, he doesn't even know.

Delia: Maybe he found out.

Chloe: You know what? If he found out, he would make sure to be here. Did you know that every time that you were sick, daddy would sit with you all night and make sure that you were okay? He would even listen to you breathe.

Delia: Not this time. Is he mad at me?

Chloe: (Sighs) No, baby, he's not mad at you. You didn't do anything wrong.

Kevin: Hey, Delia, daddy would love to be here with you. I promise you. He wants to be here.

Delia: I want daddy.

Chloe: I know, baby. I know you do. I know.

Delia: What if daddy never comes back?

Chloe: (Sighs) no, because he will. He is gonna come back. He loves you. He loves you so much. You know that you are his favorite girl. You know that, right? Right.

Victor: Have there been a lot of days like that?

Chloe: You know, we've had our fair share.

Kevin: What do you say we get Delia out of here?

Victor: I have an idea. Remember Pinkerton the pony? Yeah? You know, I bet you Pinkerton would love to see you if you came by the ranch. Now you know I can't take you to the stables. You can't touch him yet. But I could lead Pinkerton by the reins and take him out to the car to see you.

Chloe: (Gasps)

Victor: Would you like that?

Chloe: Wow. Yes, we would. Thank you so much.

Billy: You're loving this, aren't you? Shipping me off today of all days.

Victor: Of all days? You mean Victoria's birthday? I'll love nothing more than erasing you from her memory-- the greatest gift I can give her.

Victor: You know who you're playing with? Is it your intention to expose what I've done?

Kevin: No, that wouldn't do anyone any good, and it wouldn't bring Billy back.

Victor: That's right. There's no way that you could bring Billy back.

Kevin: Right. But you can, and you're going to for Delia. You've seen what she's going through. She thinks-- she thinks that he's rejecting her because she's not good enough, and that is gonna mess her up for the rest of her life.

Victor: You said what you came to say. Now go on home, all right?

Kevin: (Sighs) how does one get a cab around here?

(Cell phone rings) (Ring)

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